The Pivotal Role of an HOA Board President: Steering Community Success In the intricate ecosystem of a homeowners’ association (HOA), the Board President stands as a pivotal figure, embodying leadership, vision, and the collective aspirations of the community. This role is not merely a title; it’s […]
Conclusion: Emphasizing the Importance of Parliamentary Rules of Order Parliamentary rules of order serve as the cornerstone of democratic governance, providing a framework for conducting orderly, efficient, and fair deliberations within parliamentary assemblies. While the specific rules and procedures may vary depending on the context and […]
Chapter 8: Adjournment and Follow-Up Adjournment and follow-up represent the concluding phases of parliamentary proceedings, signaling the end of a meeting while also ensuring that important matters are addressed beyond the session. This chapter explores the significance of adjournment, the procedures for its execution, and the […]
Chapter 7: Ensuring Order and Fairness In any deliberative body, maintaining order and fairness is essential to uphold the integrity of the decision-making process and ensure the equitable treatment of all members. Chapter 7 of the parliamentary guidebook delves into the strategies, procedures, and principles aimed […]
Chapter 6: Handling Amendments Amendments are integral to the democratic decision-making process in any deliberative body, providing a mechanism for refining, modifying, or supplementing proposed motions or resolutions. This chapter explores the intricate process of handling amendments within parliamentary proceedings, elucidating the various types of amendments, […]
Chapter 5: Voting Procedures Voting is the cornerstone of democratic decision-making within parliamentary assemblies. It is the mechanism through which members express their support, opposition, or abstention on motions and resolutions presented for consideration. Chapter 5 delves into the intricacies of voting procedures, exploring the various […]
Chapter 4: Conducting Debate In the realm of parliamentary procedure, debate serves as the crucible where ideas are tested, arguments are exchanged, and decisions are shaped. Chapter 4 delves into the art and practice of conducting debate within an assembly. From the rules of decorum to […]
Chapter 3: Making Motions In the intricate dance of parliamentary procedure, motions serve as the engine driving the decision-making process. They are the tools through which members of an assembly propose actions, decisions, or changes to the group. Chapter 3 delves into the art and science […]
Chapter 2: Basics of Meeting Structure In Chapter 2, we delve into the fundamental elements that compose the structure of a meeting. Understanding these basics is essential for ensuring that meetings run smoothly and effectively. Let’s explore each aspect in detail. Understanding the basics of meeting […]
Chapter 1: Understanding Parliamentary Procedure Welcome to Chapter 1 of our training on parliamentary procedure! In this chapter, we’ll delve into the fundamental concepts of parliamentary procedure and why it’s crucial for conducting successful meetings. Let’s start with the basics: Throughout this training, we’ll dive deeper […]
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: New lender requirements take effectIn July, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released updates to project eligibility standards for condominiums and housing cooperatives. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac support around 70% of the mortgage market, according to the National Association of Realtors. […]
7 Effective Ways an HOA Management Company Can Help Maximize Cost Savings Introduction: Partnering with a professional homeowners’ association (HOA) management company can provide numerous benefits for community associations. One of the key advantages is the potential for significant cost savings. In this article, we will […]
7 Essential Steps to Take Before Running for an HOA Board Position Introduction: Joining the board of a homeowners’ association (HOA) can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to actively contribute to the well-being of your community. However, before running for an HOA board position, it’s […]
HOA, COA & POA: Unraveling the Distinctions Introduction: When it comes to community living, various terms like HOA (Homeowners’ Association), COA (Condominium Owners’ Association), and POA (Property Owners’ Association) often arise. These terms may seem similar, but they represent different types of associations with distinct purposes […]
6 Essential HOA Fire Safety Best Practices for a Secure Community Introduction: Fire safety is a critical concern for homeowners’ associations (HOAs) aiming to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents. Implementing effective fire safety practices within a community can significantly reduce the risk of […]
Understanding the Impact of Florida’s Senate Bill 4-D on Condominium Safety Requirements The Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 4-D in May 2022, introducing new regulations for condominium and co-op buildings that are three or more stories tall. This statewide law establishes a comprehensive inspection program, mandating […]
Preparing for the 2023 Hurricane Season Hurricane Season June 1 through November 30 Preparing for the 2023 Hurricane Season. Living in Florida offers many benefits and advantages, but be sure to thoroughly prepare for the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season starting June 1. After assessing damages done […]