Fourth Street Condominiums - Parklane

My name is Denis Ibrahimovic. I personally have meet MC Homes around 2010. At this time Park Lane condominiums had major flood damage from clogged plumbing pipes. When this major plumbing occurred our current manager had decided to retire, leaving Park Lane in a huge financial mess. At this point, we have decided to hire MC Homes Realty to manage our condominium complex. This was the best decision we made. Maggie was able to work with all of our vendors and contractors to make sure that each unit is fixed properly. She was also able to save us a whole lot money in process since a lot of charges were not corrected. Since then, I have decided to run as a board member and become the board president.

Since MC Homes is managing our complex we were able to pay back to all of our contractors and save enough money to do some major projects around our complex.

We were able to replace roof and paint our buildings without any special assessments.

MC Homes Realty is very fast to return phone calls and emails. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with their service.

Denis Ibrahimovic-President

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